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Helen Kinkin

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Helen has lived and traveled to many locations in the US and Canada. Currently, she resides in Southwest Florida. Helen was born in Kentucky and experienced many locations in her early years. Eventually landing in Illinois, where she called home for most of her life. Illinois is where she raised her family and spent most of her time in Midwestern suburbia. Her work as a Technology Director in both Government and Education included frequent trips into Chicago and Springfield. Now, a southwest Floridian, Helen is enjoying the weather and further exploring the many artistic opportunities.

While always having a passion for creativity, she started her experimenting with the fine arts endeavors in 2009.  Artist Helen Kinkin loves to explore and experiment with a variety of styles and techniques, including digital arts, graphite, acrylics, oil and watercolor. Each piece is an experiment and an opportunity to learn something fun.

Helen is a retired IT Director with formal training centered around Computer Programming, Business Management and Educational Technology. Her artistic techniques may not be traditional, as she is a self-taught artist, but she loves to learn and develop her skills by communicating with other artists and partaking in online classes.  Helen uses her technical background to design a rough mockup of what she plans to paint or draw allowing her to explore color choices, placement, and various other options. This then becomes her reference for the actual piece. 

Helen has received awards and participated in art shows in Illinois and Florida.