Ken Stanchi

Honored as BPHG Artist of the Month

The Barron Park House Gallery and Gift Shop is pleased to recognize LaBelle’s own Ken Stanchi as the Artist of the Month for January.  A collection of his works will be on display throughout the month.

A long time resident of LaBelle, Ken is a multi-talented, free spirited and overall amazingly original artist whose works consists of pencil drawings, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, oil paintings, 2D and 3D mixed media and a current exploration of 3D capturing negative space with multimedia material, for, and color.  

His pieces range from peaceful country landscapes and monotoned wildlife, to brilliantly colored, imaginative abstracts.  There seems to be nothing this artist can't come up with in his mind's eye.  Each creation inspires a variety of deep thoughts about personal growth, mental health, and an appreciation for nature, conservation and politics.   

The centerpiece of his current collection is a 911 VICTIMS memorial and SURVIVORS tribute statement piece called ONE HUDRED PERCENT because it was a tragedy of violence that we are All 100% Against and one of the few things we all do agree on, says Stanchi.

The Barron Park House Gallery is located at 471 N. Lee St. in LaBelle.  It is open Thursday thru Sunday from noon to 5p.m.